Parties are awesome, especially when they are tied to weddings. Add the owambe vibe, and you’ll get twice the fun. That’s kinda why Nigerians throw parties instead of limiting celebrations to little affairs, isn’t it?

Then again, as always, gathering a large number of people and asking them to have fun often results in some very interesting drama, even when culture dictates good behaviour.

Most people are good guests, but there’s always that person who makes it seem like they’re there simply to ruin your big day.

The thing with guests like this is that you often have to plan handling the situation beforehand, or be creative with on-the-spot solutions otherwise. Here are a few tips for handling difficult wedding guests.

1. Plan seating beforehand
Of course you can’t fix where each of your guests will sit beforehand. What we mean is that you should take note of people who mustn’t be seated close together. Exes and people who have a history of not getting along fall in this category.

2. Limit the alcohol
If there’s alcohol and your guests are allowed to drink without restrictions, better believe that there’ll be some acting up. A good way to prevent this is to place restrictions on how much alcohol each guest can have, and to limit the total amount of alcohol you’ll be serving.

3. Use the bouncers
You’re going to want to make sure you have bouncers on hand, in case things are about to get ugly. From separating fights to keeping uninvited guests away and even for general security, trained bouncers are your best bet.

4. Resolve conflicts calmly and with respect
There will be times conflicts don’t get so heated that bouncers need to step in. Perhaps you have elderly guests that can’t be disrespected by involving bouncers, or there are simple misunderstandings. The best way to solve such problems will be to have ushers intervene and soothe everyone involved. This way, misunderstandings get resolved before blowing over.

5. Use the music
This especially relates to setting the mood. If things get tense or you have guests acting inappropriately on the dancefloor or elsewhere, your DJ should be able to quickly diffuse the tension or change the mood.

Have you seen wedding guests be difficult in a way that can’t be solved by the above solutions? Comment below and we’ll get back to you with tips for handling them.