Everyone knows that it’s only natural to want to celebrate your special day in a beautiful location. And the truth is, a good location makes for a wonderful wedding ceremony.


This desire to hold your wedding ceremony in a beautiful location is the reason so many couples opt for destination weddings.


Here’s how it works. The couple chooses a location outside the country, and travels abroad to hold the ceremony there. The family and friends may cover the cost of their own travel, and everyone meets at the rendezvous point.


The obvious problem with the concept of destination weddings is, of course, cost. With international travel so expensive and the value of the Naira what it is, a fair number of Nigerian couples simply cannot afford to hold their wedding outside the country.


Another problem is with the attendees. For couples that can afford to have the wedding overseas but cannot afford the travel costs of friends and family, it would be a bit unfair to those who wish to celebrate with one to ask them to cough out money they might not have.


So what does one do? Thankfully, there are options.


There are several diamonds in the rough when it comes to wedding venues across Nigeria. Let’s show you a few.

There’s the Agodi Gardens, Ibadan.


There’s Muri Okunola Park, Lagos.


There’s Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens, Lagos.


And there’s the La Campaigne Tropicana Resort, Lagos.

la campagne tropicana main.jpg-24-56bfefff52aa7.jpg

This is just a tip of the iceberg. We’ll be covering more beautiful wedding locations in Nigeria soon, so do stick around here. Cheers!