I know it, you know it, we all know it. That when it comes to Saturday affairs, our people are not here to play. At all.


You see, we sweat through the week. Monday to Friday, each person does their best to contribute to their family in their own way. So when it’s time for the family to contribute back, we take it very seriously. Shunning an owambe? Unheard of!


‘Owambe’, a Yoruba word that loosely translates to ‘it’s happening there’, is Nigerian concept that transcends tribe. Indeed, it’s one of the things that unite people of different cultures in celebration.


The spirt of owambe is that thing that drives a Nigerian to excitement at the thought of gathering with friends and family to celebrate joyous occasions, which are plentiful.

The joyous occasions may range from birthday parties, to baby naming ceremonies, weddings, and even celebration of seasons. Wherever it’s happening, we’re there to rejoice with you. But everyone lowkey knows that weddings are the most common reason for organising an owambe.


For a party to properly qualify as owambe, the requirements are not too many. It just needs to hold over the weekend, have food in abundance,


produce enough music for the people around to be able to dance with the guests from their houses,


and have the guests dressed in colourful but uniform native attire (aso ebi people, where you dey?). Bonus points for white canopies and if the venue is accessible to the public, so uninvited guests can attend. Such guests are fondly called mo igbo mo ya (I hear, I stop by).


Nigerians out there, I sincerely hope y’all have something interesting planned for your Saturday. If not, find the nearest owambe!