A few years ago, it was common practice for people in love to register with the church, identify an available date and get married. Something nice like this eh?

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Half a century ago, almost all weddings in the western world took place in the church. Anything other than that was quite odd.

Do you remember 2009? The year of Harry Potter and the half blood prince. The year a young Barack Obama assumed office. The year of Avatar. The year Micheal Jackson passed away(*inserts tears). The year Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift (mwahahaha). The year Black Eyed Peas sang ‘I got a feeling’.

Oh how I miss you 2009. Been almost a decade but feels just like yesterday oh 2009!

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Sorry I digress. Back in 2009, 41% of couples from around the world tied the knot in the presence of a priest, God and family. This tradition has reduced significantly out in the last few years, with only 26% of marriages still held in the church as at 2016. In only a few decades, the sacred institution that is a church wedding has all but phased out.

What could have possibly influenced this?

One possible reason is the UK marriage act. In 1994, the marriage act was passed in the United Kingdom which allowed marriages to occur in castles and other ‘approved places’. This was an amendment to the previous marriage act of 1949 which failed to recognize such marriages. Before this time, British citizens were only permitted to get married in a church or at the registry. With this newfound freedom, people have increasingly opted out of the routine church wedding. While UK barely scratches the surface that is the world’s population, this new trend quickly gained popularity outside the UK and has spread ever since.

Another possible reason is the relative religious disaffiliation of millenials. Millenials are people between the ages of 18 and 33, who have been born and raised in a completely different world era from the times past. They have interacted largely with technology, and have completely different ways of thinking. The overwhelming majority of millenials have no particular interest in religion, and mostly subscribe to religious denominations by wordings rather than action.

In Africa and Nigeria especially, the descent of the church wedding is not as steep. It is reckoned that this is largely due to the tradition of the wedding being organized by parents of the bride and groom, rather than strong ties to the church. Couples here tend to compromise. Christian faithfuls usually have a church wedding ceremony first (if only to appease their parents), and then get down to the business of jollof aka Owambe!

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Grossly popular, the Owambe trend is not likely to change anytime soon. We certainly hope not! 🙂

So what do church wedding lovers do now?

UK royal family weddings of course! The British royal family are required to marry in the church. This much is certain. From Kate and William…

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To Meghan and Harry…

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We can be rest assured that many more royal weddings will come, and they will most definitely take place inside a church. What a relief.

Are you wedding soon? Do you plan to have a church wedding or not? Let us know!

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