Yoruba Weddings are usually filled with glamour, starting from the handsome groom to the beautiful bride in their traditional attires. The groom is usually dressed in an Agbada on Buba(shirt) and sokoto(trouser), the bride in her Iro(wrapper) and Buba(blouse) with her Gele(head tie) standing firm on her head, and both wearing African beads around their necks and wrists.


Photo Credit: Bella Naija

First Fact

Yoruba Weddings are very colorful. The families select different colors to differentiate guests who came for the groom and those who came for the bride. The guests sow their dresses in different styles(Agbada, Iro and buba, or them Onigele yi? skentele, E joo ma? skontolo) of different materials; Lace, Guinea, Atiku, Senator, Ankara and among others.


Photo Credit: Bella Naija, Connect Nigeria

If you don’t have the colors chosen or you can’t afford Aso Ebi, just put on a white native attire or any well-styled attire you’ve got and if you’re lucky, you might find a good native dress with the exact same or similar color. You don’t want to miss the wedding. You dare not go to a Yoruba wedding with an English casual wear, you won’t even smell the entrance, bouncer!!!

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Photo Credit: Bella Naija

Second Fact

Yoruba Weddings Invitation cards are just to show formality. You don’t need to come along with it to show the bouncers except those very deep pockets weddings. If you just heard about the wedding without invitation cards, just wear one of your nice native dress and look responsible, there you go, gateway to food and drink galor. The Yoruba people call this “E she party, mo gbo, mo ya


Third Fact

In Yoruba weddings, food are always in excess and of different varieties. The varieties of food include; Jollof rice, fried rice, chinese rice, porridge, swallow(amala, pounded yam(Iyan), semo with either egusi soup, ewedu, gbegiri…), moi-moi, small chops, soft pomo, cow meat and among others. Some people even carry take away pack after eating two plates of different variety.