So let’s talk wedding gifts.


Because wedding without gifts, is that one wedding? Giant bowls, kitchen utensils, and even baby clothes! Everything is fair game when we think about wedding gifts.


But let’s face it. A family can only use so many fancy dinner sets in one lifetime. And we all know that those glasses will only see the light of day once in a blue moon.


The thing is, with a new family needing so many important items, there’s no rationale behind buying items they’ll barely use. This is the reason for the growing trend of wedding lists.

Here’s how it works. The couple registers their wishlist with a company (or several companies), then sends the list out with wedding invitations. This way, they’re able to get what they really need to start their new home. An added advantage is that no item gets purchased twice!

Wedding-Gift-List-Template-For-Download (1)

A few arrangements that allow couples register their wedding lists in Nigeria are the LG Wedding List offer, the Amazon Online Gift Registry, Wrapped Gift Registry, Suregifts Wedding Registry, and BK Gift Angels.

Have we solved your problem? Yes. You’re welcome. Get a good headstart on your new life with gift lists, and may the odds be in your favour!