Whether or not you’re the dancing type, it’s safe to say that simply walking into your wedding reception stonefaced after making one of the most important life commitments is, let’s be honest, boring. Bearing this in mind, couples all over the world have come up with creative ways to kickstart their reception parties.

From tear provoking sweetness


…to the truly bizarre

Wedding guests have seen it all. Here are some must-see wedding reception entrances.

1. Ride on!

This couple from Sligo, North Ireland, decided to begin the party by riding in on a lawnmower. Yup, you heard that right.

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When questioned on the reason for the unusual mode of transportation, the bride, Tara Egan, said

”My husband is a landscaper so that’s why we chose to enter on the ride on lawnmower.”
Be like Tara and Brian. Innovate.

2. I believe I can fly.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the groom and bride!

South Asian weddings are never boring, but this Indian couple have taken spectacular to a whole new level by arriving in a giant flying birdcage.

No, we’re not even done yet. In the loveable extraness of our Indian brethren, a crane was used to haul the entire setup around. As if this was not enough, as the cage was lowered, firecrackers attached to it burst. Now, that’s what we call a wedding!

3. Burn, baby, burn.

In another fiery debacle, an American bride attempted to join the party in a helicopter. Unfortunately, things did not go well. The helicopter crashed and went up in flames a small distance from the reception.


The groom, who was unaware that his beloved intended to surprise everyone, thought he had been abandoned. Thankfully, the bride walked away without a scratch, and was able to join the party. With fire, you either nail it or you don’t.

4. My people, my people!

If you think Indians are dramatic, know that our people don’t carry last! We are ballers and that is that. Dancing is the way. From this


To this


And even this,


Nobody wants to hear that you don’t know how to dance o. If you want to form small, you can be like our brother and sister here

No wahala!

Whichever way you choose to get things going at your reception, the key is practice. Make sure you rehearse everything and go through the plan several times. Now, go forth and have a fabulous wedding!