The wedding proposal is an age old tradition. Every couple that has marriage in mind begins to make mental preparations of the actions leading up to “I do”. Thanks to Hollywood, the typical proposal scenario goes something like this. They go for dinner in a fancy restaurant, he holds her hands and tells her how much he loves and cherishes her. He then calls her full name, goes down on one knee and asks her to spend the rest of her life with him. She starts crying and then responds, “Yes! I will marry you”. Everybody in the restaurant starts cheering and clapping. The couple then hugs, and then kiss.

*dabs eyes and pities self in this single life

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But let’s leave Hollywood for a moment. How do we really propose in Nigeria?

1. Proposal by Prayer

Nigeria is one of the most religious countries on earth, with at least 95% of the population actively identifying as Christian or Muslim. What better way to propose than to take advantage of our inflated spirituality?

We heard the case of a brother, who proposed this way. He told a lady, “let us pray.” He prayed like this: “Father in heaven, you know I do not have the boldness to speak to this lady. I pray that you will touch her heart, so that she will agree to be my wife in the…”

Before you know it, ‘Amen!’. Na so marriage suppose simple reach.

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2. Family Proposal 

In the society that is Nigeria, this is equally common. Many Nigerian have identified families that will be ‘ideal’ for their children to marry into. This is often based on lineage, family relationships or business partnerships. One of the easiest ways to marry someone is to get the parents to do their magic. Hopefully your mother doesn’t get you Amaka from the village though. Nobody wants disappointment haha.

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3. The ‘Help me tell her’ Proposal

This method is common for shy guys, and guys who think the babe is out of their league. It can be implemented using the best friend, class mate, roommate or neighbor. Step 1: Identify the girl you like. Observe as much as possible from afar. Step 2: Ask your friends to help do research, stalk all her social media accounts for 6 months. Step 3: Meet the best friend and officially express interest. Sell yourself brother! Step 4: Get the best friend to discuss you with the babe and promote your market. Step 5: After meeting, chatting for a while and several dates, use the best friend to hit her up with “Do you know he wants to marry you? He told me he’s been too shy to ask”, and you’ll get a response soon enough.

There you have it my people. This is how we propose in Nigeria 🙂

Do you agree? Do you disagree? How did your spouse propose? Let us know!

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